Monday, December 31, 2012

Philip Morris Cigarettes Coupons

Does anyone knwo the cost of Marlboro snus?
Does anyone know what Marlboro snus smokeless tobacco cost In texas or just an estimated amount. Anyone who has bought these type only please reply thanks
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The price of Marlboro Snus is around the same as a pack of Marlboro. The average price range that I have seen is between $4.29 to $4.49. It varies store to store. The cheapest price I have seen is at Murphy Oil (in front of many Wal-Mart stores), the price there is $3.54, they are practically giving it away. You can go to to sign up for free coupons. If you are on a Philip Morris mailing list( which includes the Marlboro, Virginia Slims, Parliament, and Basic mailing lists), you should receive 2 coupons for a free pack on Snus in the mail. There will also be a coupon for a free pack of Snus in select Marlboro cigarette packs in the coming months. A Marlboro product promotion( like "Buy One, Get on e Free") will also be coming out soon. It will be buy a pack of Marlboro, Lights, Ultra Lights, and Select Menthol packaging and get a sample of Snus( 4 pouches of each flavor, Rich, Mild, Mint, and Spice for a total of 16 pouches. A normal pack of Snus only contains 12 pouches).

Call to Marlboro's toll free consumer hotline regarding the new FSC Cigarettes. Then I was transfered to Phillip Morris' consumer hotline.